If Pinger, Then Bring Your Accounting System to Life

Small business owners face many challenging operational and fiduciary responsibilities.  As leaders of the sales, operations, marketing, customer service, HR, and accounting departments, it is evident that keeping the company afloat can be an art in of itself when juggling multiple and multifaceted roles.  According to the Small Business Accounting Report, the top professional that small business owners deem most important to their firm is an accountant, and at least 71% of them outsource at least one accounting function.  Small business owners need professional guidance and support in order to thrive.

Unfortunately, It can be difficult at times for small business owners to rely on their accountant or bookkeeper for updated, time-sensitive information.  Accountants can be difficult to reach during critical times, such as when a vendor bill needs to be paid immediately or when an assessment is required on the company’s true cash position.

As accounting professionals, we know this can be frustrating.  This is why we created Pinger, an intelligent automated assistant that links accounting system events with your business communications channels.  Pinger can connect to your firm’s accounting software, like Quickbooks, Xero, Sage, or Netsuite to communication and collaboration software, such as Slack and Workplace by Facebook as well as email and text.   Pinger is based on “if this, then that” logic, delivering data automatically to you based on predefined triggers or pings. Instead of relying on your accountant to extract this information and send it to you, you now can have reports, KPIs and other relevant notifications delivered directly to you.

If a new customer pays their deposit, then a notification will be sent to your desired communication application.

If a customer invoice converts from open to past due, then you will be notified immediately, instead of relying on your month-end financial statements or logging into Quickbooks and manually generating an Account Receivable Aging report.  

If you tell Pinger to ping you when your cash balance dips below $1,000, for example, a notification will be delivered to you as soon as that event occurs within your accounting system.

You can also ping information on demand directly from within Slack or Workplace instead of logging into your accounting system and manually generating reports.  Need a quick report to see what vendors you owe? Simply command this from with Slack or Workplace and receive your report instantaneously.

Pinger empowers small business owners by allowing them to proactively stay on top of their finances and access data on demand or get pinged if a certain event occurs.  At Pinger, we are programming new events each week in order to provide a complete suite of pings that encompass all facets of business-critical data.

Pinger streamlines communication and workflow between employees, accountants, bookkeepers, and business advisors and managers.  It is important to have access to real-time data and analytics in order to allow management to pivot and address different business needs with ease. Pinger also enables you to address problems before they occur rather than waiting for a problem to manifest and then urgently calling your accountant who may not be immediately available. Ultimately, Pinger gives small business owners another line of defense by providing technology to connect applications, create notifications, allow easy report extractions, and enhance workflow.